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    Extensions and Wigs

    • Natural, healthy and high quality unprocessed virgin hair, for use as raw material in the hair extension & wig industries. Once you see the quality of our hair – you'll understand. Once you touch it – you won't want any other. Guaranteed. >>

    • All hair Force extensions are made from natural, superior quality 100% human hair (Virgin or Remy) that we personally collect from a selected global locations such as  Argentina, Bolivia, Burma and Brazil. >>

    • Quality wigs and kosher wigs – Excellent quality made from 100% human hair. We make no compromise on the quality of the hair & raw materials that we use. >>

    • The ultimate hair replacement for bald patches and baldness in both men and women. Made from high quality 100% human hair. >>


    Hair Force - Virgin hair, Hair extensions and wigs

    Virgin hair sourcing, hair extensions and wigs are a matter for professionals. Our motto is Quality, Durability and Credibility. We operate as boutique sourcing and as manufacturers, primarily catering customers who demand superior quality products from a highly credible partner.
    Our top quality hair extension products, virgin and Remy hair, are based on years of experience, know-how and familiarity with the global hair industry. In order to manufacture hair extensions, wigs and other related products that comply with our professional standards, we visit the most remote places on earth and personally handpick the highest quality of hair. As a result, we are able to offer our customers long lasting, natural, shiny, silky hair - even after successive washing our hair  maintains its quality, texture and moisture, offering a healthy and natural look.
    All company production facilities operate under strict western standards, utilizing the most advanced production processes and superior quality hair extension attachments. Our hair products are sold in a wide range of packaging with optional customization as per specific customer requirements at a reasonable price.
    With Hair Force you can build your own hair extension brand, knowing there is a serious company backing you up.

    All company products are sold in wholesale only and include bulk virgin ponytails, virgin Remy and hair extensions, standard and kosher wigs, raw hair, and additional accessories offered by the wig and hair extension industries.
    The hair size range is between 12-26 Inch and the colors for the Remy hair goes from 1 to 60.