Types of Extensions

We offer a variety of hair extensions, and at reasonable prices:

Hair Force's hair extensions are known for their lasting durability with guaranteed   customer satisfaction. Once their customer feedback is received, hair salons and stylists will be delighted with the quality of extensions we provide.


  • Hair Extensions – Superior Quality, Natural and Elegant

    Despite their obvious superior quality, all Hair Force hair extensions are offered at a competitive price. This is the a result of the extensive footwork (or flying hours) we invest in the location of the best sources of hair from across the globe and the modern manufacturing plant we employ, all for the purpose of ensuring meticulous quality and control at all times. In addition, Hair Force uses only superior quality Remy and 100% virgin human hair.
    Our scouting team travels the world searching for the very best sources of healthy looking, non-dyed, natural, virgin hair from young women who maintain a rich and healthy diet. All hair is of excellent quality, lice free, and is suitable for the production of high quality, durable, hair extensions.
    Build your own brand

    Hair force's extensive knowledge base and superior quality hair allows entrepreneurs to develop their own brand knowing they have someone to count on.



Most of the hair we collect originates from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Burma and Bolivia. The difference between our own quality extensions and those originating from other sources is easy to recognize after a number of hair washes. Hair Force extensions remain soft and silky, without drying out or tangling and last for a long period.

Tailor-made Packaging and Labeling

Hair Force offers full customization of packaging and labels based on propriety graphics and specifications. Please contact us for more details regarding specific customization.