Wigs and Kosher Wigs

  • Hair Force is a leading manufacturer of high quality wigs that create the perfect look. Our wigs are ideal for both the international mainstream market and for kosher wigs used in Jewish communities.
    Hair Force is known for the meticulous attention it pays to details, ensuring all wigs are made from the finest raw materials, 100% Human Virgin hair, with an exceptionally high finish.

  • Style

    Hair Force's wigs are offered in the following styles:

    • Straight hair – Straight and beautiful
    • Wavy hair – Deep wave, body wave, and water wave
    • Curly hair – 3 degrees of curls

  • Wholesale Wigs for the International Market

    Our international market wig department produces an astounding range of wigs in every possible style – straight, wavy or curly hair – in a wide spectrum of colors, all  of which are made using superior quality natural hair which bows and falls in the most natural way. Even the natural direction of growth is maintained.
  • Kosher Wigs

    Kosher wigs, which are specifically manufactured for the Jewish market, are made of natural South American hair that is neither dyed nor processed, bringing that natural soft and silky feel to the final wig. In fact, our wigs appear so natural that it is quite difficult, even for us, to distinguish between our own wigs and real hair.
    Kosher wigs are typically offered in dark colors, 1B-4, however, brighter colors are available upon request.
Wigs – For a Natural Stylish Look


To complement our wig line, Hair Force offers a wide range of wig models.
  • Lace Front or full lace.
  • Skin Top– Regular or multi direction
  • Band Full
  • Short Bob
  • Mono Top
Each of the styles is offered in any hair density